Friday, December 12, 2008

The Blocker and the Ass-Dividing Garment Bagger

Crazy crowded ride in this AM. I just missed an M train, so waited for 15 minutes until an R finally rolled in. The train was packed, plus the door I picked had a very large man blocking at least half of the entry/exit way. By the time everyone had exited out that door, the car was completely full. But I was already late for a meeting, so I channeled my own inner-asshole and forcibly shoved my way past him inside. There was nothing to hold on to, so I just leaned up against The Blocker for the bumpy parts of the ride.

When the train cleared out a bit at Atlantic, I made a beeline for one of two empty seats at the same time as a man holding a large folded garment bag. But instead of taking one seat for himself, the Garment Bagger cut me off and sat down right in the middle of both, one seat per ass cheek. Only after I glared death rays at him did he inch over to give me part of one seat. A few stops later the seat next to him opened up and he moved himself over, looking at me for approval once he was as close as humanly possible to the wall on his other side. I gave him a slight nod and then decided to cut off all contact just in case it was a dead body inside that giant garment bag he was clutching.

A few stops later, he hung the garment bag on the bar next to him. Not sure why, but it seemed like a really obnoxious thing to do.

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