Tuesday, December 23, 2008

No Excuses

It's been a quiet pre-Christmas week on the subway, so I'll have to rely on the assholes above ground today for material. And they did not disappoint. I ventured out to get soup for lunch today, and as I finish the transaction, a man is standing right in my path, unmoving. He's not in line for soup, but just hanging out right in the middle of the sidewalk so no one can get by. I say "excuse me", but he doesn't react at all, so I try to slink by him the best I can. As I nudge up against him the tiniest bit he suddenly springs to life and shoots me a snotty "you're excused!" which I took as an accusation.

A block from my office, as I turned the corner onto Houston, a large, down-jacketed woman bumped right into me - no apology, no begging for pardons. As I walked past her I through a big "excuse you!" right at her. She started explaining how some woman was pushing her, and that's what caused the collision, blah blah blah. But I didn't see the point to backing down at that point. Imagine the fun that ensued when I realized she also worked in the same building as me.

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