Friday, December 12, 2008

Hipster or Feathered Foreigner?

I spent most of this morning's ride sitting across from what at first glance appeared to be your basic Brooklyn hipster a-hole attired in a flat black felt derby-style hat. But after some inspection, I noticed a black bow on one side of the hat, with a feather sticking out of it. That's when I became perplexed. This was no ordinary Fort Greene hipster douche. He was bundled up in a zip-up black jacket so I couldn't really assess his situation from the rest of his clothes...until I noticed the white athletic socks peeking out between his gray/black too-short jeans and black lace-up shoes. Is it possible he was merely a foreign visitor to our land? It was all starting to make sense, except for one thing. What was he doing with a regular work-style bag sitting on the R train at 8:30 on a rainy morning? Am I wrong? Have feathers and bows and too-short pants suddenly become fashionable amongst the hipster a-hole scene?

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Ami Plasse said...

what will those cool cats think of next?!