Friday, December 19, 2008

The DJ

Took a short daytime ride on the F. Though I waited for about 20 minutes for the Brooklyn-bound train, the ride itself was fairly pleasant. I was zoning out, listening to music, when I noticed a man (also with headphones) shooting poison dart rays towards the youngish girl sitting next to him. She didn't have any headphones on, but was clearly doing something with an iPod. I took out my own headphones and was treated to a blast of some crappy Junior High rappy shit. The stupid bitch was listening to the music OUT LOUD on the train. And loud enough that the guy next to her could hear it even over his own music/headphones. Not sure if he said something, or she just got the hint as a few more of us began a death glare in her direction, but she eventually pulled out some headphones and put them in.

I thought that was that, but about a stop later, she took the headphones back out, and treated the car to her little DJ set once again before exiting at the next stop. Damn kids.

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