Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dirty People, Zigzaggers, and Ugly Purses

Cold, rainy morning. Doors were just closing on the M train as I made it to the platform, but I shoved my way right in anyway. I got stuck for a minute, but then made it in. I normally don't do that since I once got my bag stuck inside a closed door, while the rest of me was still on the outside, but I was late for a meeting so I took my chances.

The train was fairly empty, but when I got off to switch at Atlantic the platform was packed several rows deep. I got stuck behind the first of three Zigzaggers getting off the train. She would take a couple steps, then stop and look around. As the rest of us tried to move around her, she would move sideways to block us. Then stop. Then look around. The move back to the other side. Rinse. Repeat. When I finally made it around her, I found myself face to face with a bright white leather purse. Given that I'm not even sold on the whole "winter white" argument and had retired my own off-white purse on Labor Day, there was no way this stark WHITE white purse could be justified on a soon-to-be-snowy December day. I averted my offended eyes only to come upon yet another stark bright WHITE white shiny purse. Ewwwwww.

Still recoiling in horror, I packed myself into the just arrived D train. Soon as I grabbed onto the pole I instantly regretting my door choice. Big, tall girl standing with her back to me, large back pack on her back (and directly in my face), big fur collar (directly in my face), dirty unwashed pony tail (directly in my face). She was holding onto the top bar, elbow sticking out (can you guess? Yes...directly in my face). She was coincidentally wearing a bright white down jacket that I had to keep ducking so as not to smear my lipstick all over the back of it. Which begs the question, why can't everyone be as considerate as I am?

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